Website Backups

WordPress Site Backups

Keep a secure copy of all your content, data, media, and WordPress settings.

Why do I need a backup?

You put all this time, effort, and money into your site, only to find out 3 weeks after launching, you got hacked, and you lost EVERYTHING.  It would be great if you had a backup from before you lost your site, and in minutes be back up and running.  Your site being up is important to you, your brand, or your revenue — and you can never be too safe, and having more than one layer of backup is the smart thing to do.

Accidents happen to the best of us:

  • Your Hosting company could experience an outages, or can they too could be victims of malicious attacks.
  • Accidental deletions or errors or even employees might delete site files to be malicious.
  • Unauthorized access, hacking, or malware could take your site down.

Having a “spare key” for your site is priceless. You may never need your website backup, it is good to know that you have many complete sets of backups in secure off-site locations.


Feature Details

  • Daily Backups of your WordPress database is set for every night at midnight and kept for the past 35 days
  • Full Site Backup Weekly (Files and Database)  and kept for the past 55 weeks
  • Full Site Backup Monthly (Files and Database)  and kept for the past 15 months
  • Priority support by our Team to help you get back up and running if you need to restore a backup.
  • Your data is stored at a secure, off-site storage location, completely separate from your hosting provider.
  • Have the ability to restore or even migrate your site from a previous backup.

Keep in mind that you are guaranteed a full refund within 30 days of your original purchase if you are dissatisfied for any reason.


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