About id180

We Specialize in eCommerce Website Development, Funnel Development and implantation, Web Hosting, email Accounts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, and assistance in Domain Name Registration. 
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I have always been interested in "Visual Communications". From Desktop Publishing in the 80's to full blown eCommerce websites today, creating solutions has been a passion.


To LISTEN to client's needs, and provide a solution. It is really as simple as that! 
Fixing the Internet ... One Page At A Time!

Making Websites with Taste & Soul

The name is derived from the vision our customer's customers see them, and helping to turn our customer's businesses around 180 degrees getting them back on track.

Some people have asked "Why is it id180, and not id360?" 

Well, if a company needs help to get turned around, 360 will actually just bring them back to where they currently are.


Pushing the limits of websites with the use of data and real world needs.  Thinking outside the box, and every once in a while...inside the box works too!


We are not in this business to make a quick buck.  We are in it for the long haul.  We don't just take any client, we hand select who we would like to work with.

Our Timeline


New id180.com Website

Over the past 20+ years of building websites, our own company website has been, well lets say, nothing to brag about (Cobbler and his family's shoes).  So in 2018, we made a commitment to have a new look and functioning website to show off all our services and products for all to see in 2019.  That task is now completed. 


A client asked me to help with a project that was in WordPress.  I helped, but fought tooth and nail.  All my solutions were in PHP or HTML5 code.  After working on the project for about a month, I saw the light on how user friendly WordPress is to use, and how my clients could then make their own changes and so it began...Most all our clients sites were then converted to WordPress and everyone is very happy now!  

Treat Your Business Like A Business!

A friend and I were talking about how much fun it was to help businesses with their website needs and how sucessful my services were.  He made a comment of "Just think how much more successful you would be if you just Treat Your Business Like A Business"...and the rest is history!