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Why you need Contest Domination

1. Exceptionally Viral

Frictionless sharing and battle tested mechanics mean you get results.

2. Get Noticed & Referred

Contests are the most powerful way to get the attention of new people.

3. Engage Your Audience

Break through the noise & stay top of mind with fun prizes that get shared.

4. Reward Influence

Make it easy and attractive for your influences to bolster your marketing.


How Contest Domination Works

1. Setting up a Contest

Fill in the blank wizards (everything you need, nothing you don’t)
No need to mess with code (software designed for humans)
The system tracks everything automatically and even helps you pick a winner
Pre-made templates to jump start your typically cumbersome contest rules
Have your first contest ready to publish in a matter of minutes

2. Publishing a Contest

Make your contest live with the flick of a switch
Let the whole world see it, even if you don’t have a website (we host it for you)
Easily keep track of your entries and export your data at any time
Manage your contests in a single pane with all your links in one convenient place

3. Getting results and ROI

Contest Domination takes a different approach than just your average contest software. We cut out everything that doesn’t directly help you achieve your goals and focus on making it easy and even fun for people to enter and share.
We’ve created a battle tested contest flow that incentivizes people to share your contest with their friends but only rewards them when those shares turn into new names, emails, and followers for you.

Our platform automatically lets your contestants know when they’ve earned additional entries to engagement and keep the traffic coming.

No other contest solution delivers such a finely crafted viral loop to continually deliver new people to your business, brand, or blog.

Easy 3rd-party Integration

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